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2020 is Here – What’s Your Vision??

Happy New Year!!

As we welcomed the New Year and Decade – about 10 days ago, we saw a plethora or predictions, prophetic word, words of what to expect, what to invest in, etc, etc.

I understand – we are always curious about what the future holds.

I also know, and understand that what may apply to the masses might not apply to me or even you??

So, as I am writing this Blog, I’m asking you to read it with an Open Mind, take and use the parts that speak to you and if some part of it may be relevant to someone you know – please share it with them.

Blind spots –

Everyone has Blind spots – some are natural, for example when you are driving your vehicle – there may be a point where you can’t see some of the vehicles close to you with a clear vantage point.

Other blind spots can be spiritual. Based on your belief system – whether you are rigid or fluid, aware or not – you are human and consequently, you will and can have spiritual blind spots.

My point is – as you listen to other people pontificate (#bigword)😊 about 2020,,, Listen carefully to make sure you are fully aware of what is being said and that it applies to you in your current situation.


As you (yes you) become more aware of who you are, why you are here, and what you are purposed to do, Blind Spots become more recognizable (easier to see).

Knowing YOUR WHY – (not mine or one else’s) is key to understanding what part you will play in 2020 or any other year you are alive.

What are you passionate about I know you’ve heard this over and over again and here we are in 2020 and we’re talking about it once again. Realize your WHY also shapes your Vision – Past Present and Future.

  • Why you Do What You Do

  • What Makes you happy or brings you JOY

  • What makes your Heart Sing?

  • What you would gladly do for FREE (for example)

One of my favorite Books, “Think and Grow Rich” – by Napoleon Hill talks about the “secret” you will discover once you follow the steps. (It’s a great read…I have read it three times and will read it again this year…)

From my reading and understanding of the book, I believe the secret to be, falling in LOVE with what you want, to the level that the idea of what you want and what you do (your why) and your desire for it, becomes all- consuming, You are motivated with the idea, dream vision and it is part of everything you do in life ….

Now that we had that brief discussion – let’s wrap things up…

2020 is going to be greater than any of year in your life!! I believe that for myself and I am in the position to make my why work for me. I am happy and grateful about where I am and I know I will exceed all my expectations this year. That’s what I believe for me.

It’s not too late - You can define what 2020 will be for you. If you haven’t already done so, take some time this week – write out your personal goals, your family goals, financial goals for 2020 and begin to pray over (meditate) over them daily.

Once you begin to Focus on what is most important to you – you will see things shift and begin to change.

I hope this Blog has helped you look at 2020 differently or encouraged you to continue to make clearer choices for you, your family and your current situation.

I’d Love your feedback – email me

Blessings & Peace!! Julia aka PastorJ…….

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