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A Mother’s Journey

A mother’s journey is a never-ending story. It begins long before she even give’s birth, Actually, it begins with the journey we had with our own Mother. Some of us were fortunate and blessed to have a loving, caring Mother to nurture us and model what being a mother means. Some of us had moms who worked all the time – having to play both roles of Mother and Father. And yes, there are still others of us who never had a mom. Maybe it was Grandma or Auntie, or maybe you were adopted or raised by your dad. No matter how you arrived at this point in your Journey---

Here you Are.!!

As a Mother – once you give birth to a child – your life is forever changed…..

“She Rises Early – Goes to Bed Late

She Fills Her Heart With Love For Everyone…

Superwoman By Day -- Natural Woman By Night

Overcoming Every Obstacle, Challenge, Imposition – with a Smile…”


Mom keeps going like the energizer bunny- nonstop… but is she really seen for who she is? Hurt -

Broken -


Emotionally drained-

Physically abused-

Mentally in despair-……

But – She keeps going - pulling everything together for everyone-- because that’s what mothers do!

Once a coworker said these words to me

“if I wanted a thankless job I could stay home”

Sadly, That’s what motherhood has been for so many women. We honor them once a year in May… but definitely mothers deserve recognition daily.

Every woman who is a mother, sister, grandma, Big Mama, Glamma, Nana, Babooshka, Mimi, Abuelita etc. deserves a huge Thank-you and recognition Daily – more than once a year. Women are nurturers - the task is given to us because we take care of everybody. However, we forget or fail to take care of ourselves. I celebrate you today, we love you every day, but this is your Day-- Mother’s Day.

I see you. I hear you. I acknowledge you. You are worth double and triple honor.

No one can ever repay you for your sacrifice.

You Matter--- Your Life Matters---Your Journey Matters

Please --- know today that you are Loved.

Honor Yourself. This was a hard lesson to learn – but I learned it. I had to get rid of false humility, pride and basically get over me.

Love Yourself – Yes I said it. It is ok – matter of fact it is necessary to fall in love with you. The real you – not the representative you show everyone else.

So the next time someone invites you to lunch, breakfast, brunch, dinner, coffee, or to a movie -- say yes!!!!

Don’t be the Mother Martyr-- the person who sacrifices tirelessly and becomes resentful and angry.

Take some special time each day for you even if it is 20 minutes extra in the morning or 20 minutes extra at night take time to breathe. Laugh Out Loud at a funny movie. Read your favorite book. Go for a walk. Go get a Massage or enjoy a Spa Day with your Besties!! Take a dancing class, learn something new!! Do something that brings you Joy,,,,,

Remember One Day – Your Mother’s journey will change --your children will grow up and you will one day have a house full of memories and hopefully grandchildren and a great grandchildren - Take time Today to remember who you are,

Talk about What you love, your favorite flowers, your favorite things, your favorite perfume, your favorite song, your favorite color, your favorite foods and share that information with your children, your spouse or significant other.

Sometimes we live a lifetime and don’t tell our children these things. They won’t know what you love unless you show them. They won’t know how to love themselves unless you show them by loving yourself. Show them the best Version of yourself every day. Love them so they will be able to love their children. Honor them, so they will be able to honor their children. Nurture them to the best of your ability, so that they can take care of their children.

Do you!! Be you!! Be strong and Be gentle. YES --you can be BOTH!!

Be loving –Be Kind.

Walk and Think and like the Queen that you are!!

Until next time …….

enjoy your day---- Happy Mother’s Day- Happy May

Remember ---God is on your side!!!

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