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Facing the new “old” reality...

So today I’m writing my blog. It’s been a minute and I know my wonderful publishers have been patiently waiting. Today I am submitting this blog, being very transparent, because it’s been a journey the last few months.

It started before our current situation with COVID-19 and all of the other associated situations that come along with it.

I’m not believing belittling our current situation but I just thought I’d share what’s on my heart right now with the rest of you who are my avid readers, followers, friends and relatives.

So, I guess in February or March I realize that I was not able to do things as easily as I normally do because I would get home and just want to go to bed.

Even after we had such a wonderful event in March in Baton Rouge with Sister LOVE An experience with God and God really moved _

—-I got back home and I still felt stuck.

I can go through the daily tasks, assignments, etc. Never miss a beat. You would never know.

This is something that I’ve dealt with for many, many years but I’ve never really talked about it. I realize that in order to get through something you have to understand it, and face it and get help to overcome it.

I have not been diagnosed with anything and I sometimes believe this is more spiritual than natural.

I do realize it sometimes the highs are very high and the lows are very low in my life and it’s been that way for many, many, many years.

It’s not an excuse —and I know that I can function and be myself but I know that I have to work at it harder than some people work.

There’s a lot going on always.

Challenges both emotionally and spiritually. Thank God I don’t have any physical challenges —-thank you Jesus I am

This year, it seems like the emotional attacks are great in my life.

Prayer has always been my source of strength comfort relief in for many things in my life for many years. But when you can’t get a prayer out of your mouth what do you do?

Things are better now —not sure when how or what made the change —so I’m taking this opportunity to write about it so that I can have I can face it and deal with it.

I have so much to be thankful for.

———-and so do you !!

We all -always have something to be grateful for.

I am grateful right now for the courage to even write this blog.

Kiera Sheard and Missy Elliott have a song that says “please don’t judge me” that’s my ending that’s my ending refrain for this blog.

Don’t judge me please, but if you do it’s OK I understand.

Take care of yourself and your family and your friends do what you have to do to self isolate during this change of lifestyle as we all move through COVID-19 in 2020.

There is Greater on the other side of this trust me!!

Any comments questions can be sent to me —-or add your comments to this blog as it’s posted or you can email me at

thanks so much for reading this blog and please take care of yourself

I’ll pray for you -you pray for me -

watch God change things!!”-

Bishop Paul Morton.

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