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Focus on the good!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

“Be so positive that the negative people don’t like being around you!”

Pastor Jamal Bryant

What is good? What do you know about being good? How can I be Good with all the evil things going on? What defines “A Good life”?

When we think about all of our life events in our life, often we say things are really good, sometimes we say things have been just good, and sometimes we say they’ve not been good enough.

We have ups and we have downs, highs and lows……..there are times where we fall somewhere in between…Yes and even more often than not, there are times when we are stuck in the middle and can’t move either way. It’s still all part of this thing we call life.

However, as I have traveled through this part of my life journey, one thing I have learned thus far, and one thing that I do know that we definitely attract who we are and if we focus on things that are good ---(wait for it….) Good things are always going to come to us!

How can you say that???

I am not saying that things are always going to be good, because we

are human and we are subject to have disappointments, Problems,

life events, negative things, negative people and a plethora life-changing experiences.

What I am saying is - your attitude and perception of what and how you go through those life experiences will shape the way you experience those life moments.

we must focus on the good…..

But – what (You Ask) does the WORD Say (Thank you Bible Scholars) enthusiasts – I was waiting for that question! )

There’s a lot of things that the Word of God speak teaches about “good”…..From Genesis to Revelation -the word Good is used 859 times! (

That’s a lot of Good….

I Chronicles 16:34 – “O give thanks unto the Lord for He is Good, and His mercy endures Forever!

Matthew 12:35 – “A Good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings forth evil things out of the evil stored up in him”

Romans 8:28 – “And we know in that in all things God works for the GOOD of those who love Him…..)

Romans 10:38 – “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with Power who went about Doing Good…"

When I think of Good the most prominent picture or scripture that comes to mind is all Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

Lately – I’ve been thinking about how I am being or living in our

current world situation in 2019---

Am I focusing on the good in the midst of turmoil, anger, frustration,white nationalism, racism, inequality, mass shootings, bigotry, etc.…all of the things that we see flash in and out of our spaces from the television to social media, emails, conversations…..

sometimes it can be overwhelming and downright disheartening to

see all of this pain. I’m not saying that you have to ignore it, I’m just saying don’t let it keep you captive.

How do we see the good? How can we focus on the GOOD???

Good Lovely Scripture

The eyes of a child ---I look at my grandbabies; I love to see how they interact. The awe and excitement they bring to every situation is priceless. You can hand them the same toy that they’ve had every

day for the last week, and every time they look at it, they see something new or different about that toy. It’s their natural curiosity, everything looks new and exciting (especially the first time

I will never forget watching Naya & Juliana - two toddlers -the playing in the water… and then they looked at the older kids Blowing Bubbles in the wind! They were fascinated by the bubbles and every time that

bubbles blew their way of course they would POP! They continued looking in amazement until they got used to it. Next, they wanted to move on and try to do it themselves--- problem their little hands (the bubble wand was almost as long as they are). It was an interesting challenge of holding the bubble blower in one hand and not pouring the bubbles with the other and trying to blow. Yes, it’s a process!!

And it is the way it is with us “A Process” --- When we are challenged with all the negativity on one hand and dealing with our emotions and feelings about what we see & feel --- we just have so many images, voices, ideas, thoughts new trends (old ideas repackaged in new lingo) presented to us on a daily basis. Sometimes we don’t know which ones to hold onto, which to keep, which to discard, which to ignore

it can be overwhelming…I CHOOSE to focus on the good….it is very important to me.

I believe, "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)

I believe and I know this is true--- I think on the good things-- good people-- good friends--- good experiences== good family ===good life good cities--- I believe in changes for the good for this nation as well as all other nations. I will see the good in every situation.

I have learned that what goes on around me constantly can overtime influence my outlook, my thoughts, and my feelings. Even to the point

of sometimes affecting my physical health physical and mental outlook. We have to be mindful of who is speaking into our life. We have to be strong enough in our own beliefs and values not to allow anything external to us change our true authentic self. Remember

The more you love, the more love you give, and the more you receive. Give love today!! (Free HUGS)

Give hope today!! give up you have a right to be right… Don’t give up the right to have a love, joy & peace all the time… You always have a choice….

Your perspective matters!

How do you FOCUS ON THE GOOD??

Love, Love, love, and love some more!!!!!

The more love you give the more you receive, it’s a cycle- you do Reap

what you sow…

-Give love today

- Give hope today

-Think before you speak

-Think before you post something in anger

-Think about what you are saying in that moment of frustration-

words have POWER!

-Continue to focus on the good every good---Remember Every Good & Perfect gift comes from above!

Blessings and Peace-- Pastor Julia

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