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The Greatest Healer- Jehovah Rapha

I wanted to write about Healing this month. This is the topic that is on my Monthly Blog schedule.

It’s April 16th- and it’s been a rough couple of weeks in a lot of ways. My encouragement side won’t go into the bad stuff (that’s just how I’m wired 😊)…. However, the good always outweighs the not-so-good. My daughter, grandson, great grand-daughter, and son-in-love all celebrate birthdays this month. I am grateful to be here to celebrate their lives. Life is Good.

Without going into too many details, I know that you know we all have suffering and pain in our lives. I strive to write in a balanced, harmonious, positive and encouraging manner.

Looking back over some of my Journals – it seems I was very lopsided in my writing.

And that’s ok too. As my friend says – “It is What it is!”

Healing is very essential to my belief system, there are many paths to Healing, However, or whatever the end result is – I believe everyone has the opportunity to be healed.

The Bible Mentions the name of God – Jehovah Rapha (Jeremiah 30:17; Isaiah 61:1; Psalms 103:3)

Rapha means “to restore” “to heal” or to “make healthful” in Hebrew.

Combined with the word Jehovah – the name can be translated as Jehovah who heals.

I like the definition – The Lord who heals physical and emotional needs.

Some people reading this blog may say – But – what about the people who are not healed??

What about people who die young, what about the accidents, what about????

How do we deal with LIFE when good things happen to bad people or bad things happen to good people or ?????

I acknowledge the fact that I don’t have all the answers. I want to shed light on this topic – because I know it is a question that is thought about but never really answered.

“Sometimes We have To Call a Thing a Thing”

When tragedy occurs – people find comfort in many things –

----- prayer, meditation, the Bible,

-------their belief systems, alcohol, drugs, medication, etc.

People will cope in whatever way works for them. It’s human nature…

I believe in the power and authority and healing virtue of Jesus Christ.

I believe and ---you may not believe and trust me --- it’s OK.

Everyone has a freewill and everyone is entitled to choose what and who they believe in….(or not).

By the Way….

I’m going to throw this out there and let’s see what sticks on the wall.

I feel that so much is going on right now in our world ….we see pain and suffering all around us…. we see injustices and unfair treatment. We see and hear about more negative statistics and experiences across the Globe.

Just name a week, a day, name a place---, and because we are inundated with everything that is occurring in our “world” we sometimes get the “picture that everything and everybody is “bad” -Everyone is having a “melt down”

But – sit back – Take a deep breath!! Is that really happening to EVERYONE?

Your View Point & Vantage Point Matters

Life Death Pain Suffering – we are human and at some point in our lives we will experience some of this – maybe not directly – but indirectly. That’s Life.

However – when we are faced with these LIFE experiences – isn’t great to know that there is help available. Jesus died for all of our Pain – Suffering – Hurt – Anger – Hatred – Accidents—Mishaps, Mistakes, etc.

Sometimes – it seems there’s no way out, Jesus is the the WAY, the Truth and the LIGHT.

At the end of the day -- it doesn’t matter what you’re going through-- it’s how you deal with it as you go through, And the keywords “going THROUGH”. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay in that condition always. The old people used to sing a song is it “trouble don’t last always”. The pain. the suffering. the depression --all of the things that some of you deal with on a daily basis. Keep you head Up!! Everything is subject to change.

Don’t Give Up!!!

If you want more information on how to deal with hurt, pain and other life issues – email me - I’d love to listen and talk with you.

Until next time --- Blessings and Peace!! Pastor J!!

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