• Coach Julia

Seasons: This is your Time!

We have a great life! We are moving in the directions the we dreamed of!!

We are grateful for life!! This is best time of our Life!

We feel Unstoppable!!

Seasons Change..... Do you change as the seasons change?

Seasons Change..... that’s a given.

We Are Aware of the change in the natural seasons —winter, spring, summer, and fall.

I love Spring always reminds me of new things —-the flowers are blooming —the trees are beginning to bud....and new grass begins to push through to the top of our lawns after being dormant all winter.

New Seasons represent new life. As we enter Spring—all the darkness of winter fades and we enjoy more sunshine and spring showers!! Depending on where you live - we Spring Forward - shifting to Daylight Savings Time.

……….Spring represents new light!

……..Spring represents new growth!

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spring represents change!!

However, we are not sensitive to the shifting of the seasons in our Emotional life.

Seasons Change.....Are you open to see in this season? (Clear Vision)

How aware are you of the seasons in your life? Do you think about it? As we grow, mature, and change we reflect on our past. We reflect on all the change that occurs in our lives -babies, pre-school, kindergarten, graduations, college, engagements weddings, new careers, new moves, etc.

We “live” and we “experience the myriad of Life Changes without skipping a beat.

Many times, however, we just go through the motion of the Life Changes without really experiencing the joy!

At times, we keep our hearts and minds closed. Somewhere along the journey of these Life experiences – We became numb. We lost our Joy. We Lost the excitement. Depression, rejection, disappointments…. We really don’t want to see or acknowledge these changes. ..We don’t want to admit our outlook has negatively changed with the Season .... We are comfortable with the Status Quo!

FEAR causes us to be closed to new things,

FEAR causes us to be closed to new meeting new people...

FEAR causes us to be closed to new adventures, new relationships, new places to visit, closed to new endeavors, challenges, closed to new business alliances.....

FEAR causes us to ignore the pain

FEAR causes us not to ask for help

Seasons Change......Are you open to FREEDOM in this Season?

FREEDOM of Choice,

FREEDOM to say no,

FREEDOM to say yes!

FREEDOM to end Fear, Anxiety, Depression

FREEDOM to remove things that no longer serve YOU?

There is HOPE. You Can Change. You can overcome FEAR & experience FREEDOM My Prayer for you is that your eyes and ears are open to the Freedom that is available to you. I pray that the Love of God will embrace you, that his LOVE will overtake you today. You will experience all the FREEDOM that belongs to YOU.

I would love to pray with you and for you. I believe you can and will Experience FREEDOM in THIS Season…..

Yes – My Friend! ….This Is Your Time!!!