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Thankfulness & Gratefulness

This is the blog you write when you are out of words to say.   Or at least this is the blog  I wrote. But - writers always have something to say- Right??...

It’s Summer—-Yay!  My heart is filled with joy and excitement.  THERE are so many reasons to be grateful.   I guess I am writing this today as a lesson on Thankfulness & Gratefulness.   First thing that came to mind is - I’m Alive and Well.   I’m grateful just for the fact that I am blessed to be alive, healthy, and living in June 2019.

Visiting my  Sister this week really put things in perspective.   She is an overcomer.  Who always reminds me that we all  have something for which to be grateful.   Healthy, Food to eat, clothes, name a few.   We live in a “FREE” Nation.  I’m not giving up on this Country - “HOLDING MY IMAGE” as one of my Mentors would say.  I have the freedom and liberty to be what I am destined and designed to be.  

This Month we celebrate Father’s Day, we also celebrate Juneteenth.  All of us should and can we celebrate LIFE every day!  

God is faithful !

It’s great to look back and see how far you have come and it is awesome to look forward to the next things, Life events, People, places, and adventures you will experience.   

As you know I am an eternal optimist.   I always look for the good.   I see the glass FULL— no matter how much water is in the glass.  I desire to see the best in all circumstances and experiences in my life.   I’m not bragging or complaining, it’s just the way I am wired,  and I am OK with it. 

A strong belief system and a mindset that has made me aware of endless possibilities, helps me to remain optimistic.  I realize things are subject to change.  I embrace change. 

Yes, I know some of you are thinking or saying out loud “but what if… “.   A good friend of mine told me he writes the following quote daily- “In every day in every way I’m getting better and better!”  he wrote that on his notebook daily so his eyes would focus on it all day.  

No matter what the day brings he is focused on the Good coming his way. He inspired me to do the same.  

Another friend wrote these words - “My life is moving in the directions of the words I speak!”  She inspired me to also adapt to that mindset and yes I learned to watch my words and adapt my speaking over myself, my siblings, my children and grandchildren, family, Friends situations and circumstances. 

As you know, your words are A FORCE.   “Death and LIFE are in the power of the tongue !” ( you ask what if again). My goodness yes, I have one more to say!

And there’s also a scripture that I love that says  “I was young and now I’m old and now -I have never seen the righteous forsaken , or their seed begging bread.” That is another promise that we have from the the Scriptures.   

I have a one more thing that I want to share .... One that life is “ like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!” As Forrest Gump would say.

Chocolate lovers know it can be sweet, semi-sweet, filled with surprises. 

I guess I have reminisced enough and shared enough for this blog. 

As I always do, I remind you to know that you are loved and you are cared about.  

You are special and there is nothing in this world that will overtake you.  Enjoy The love that God gives us every day freely.

Be sure to share your comments questions thoughts, with me via email: or respond/ leave a comment and please share this blog with a friend if it has inspired you!  Blessings & Peace—- Pastor J 

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