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The Peacemaker

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God”. Matthew 5:9. 

Growing up it seemed, (in my mind)

I strived to be the peacemaker in the house. This was not because I was a natural born

mediator or negotiator; (I was not!) I was the peacemaker based on fear.

Yes Fear, anxiety can motivate you to live in peace by any means necessary.

My Fear of conflict, arguments, and eventually violence when my dad came home,

motivated me to do whatever I could to keep peace. I took on an adult role as a child

so, there would be peace in the house. 

As I look back over this part of my childhood, sometimes I shudder to think how those experiences

Shaped my emotional and physical health. In my life, I realized that living in constant fear (real or imagined)

takes a toll on you. Fear will take a toll on your relationships.

(BTW, Yes, I did experience unrealistic levels of fear in both my marriages)

You know, we repeat patterns and behaviors until something significant changes;

life trauma, past or present will eat away at you. If Fear is never addressed or dealt with – the results

can be devastating. Imagine living a life constantly controlled by Fear,,,,,,

Fears (real or imagined) can control your life – Fear of Failure, Fear of heights, Fear of flying,

Fear of Success. You get the idea.

We can get help from a higher source, from counseling. Prayer, meditation

All of the above.

In any event, when you are stuck in your brokenness- broken people searching for

answers -

We can become addicted to something or someone or to help heal the broken places

and gaping holes in our hearts - to numb the painful memories.

This pattern can continue -- until either you spaz out of control or realize you need to get help.

By the way- I had to realize I had a problem and then decide I needed help.

However, we are focusing on Peace – not Fear

What is peace anyway? 

Freedom from disturbance;

tranquility, calm, calmness, restfulness,

peace and quiet, peacefulness,

quiet, quietness, quietude, silence,

soundlessness, hush, noiselessness, stillness, still;

the absence of conflict

The World we live in is full of turmoil.

Everywhere we look – and sometimes we become numb to the fact that Peace is available.

John 14:27 – “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you… not as the world gives

another translation (AMPC) Peace I leave with you; My (own) peace I now give & bequeath to you

—Not As World Gives do I give to you.

I guess I will talk about what peace means to me:

when I think of peace I think of cool waters, calm waters on the beach, a light breeze blowing over the water,

the birds flying over, soft music playing in the background


just quietness the stillness. The stillness when you’re rocking the baby to sleep in the middle of the night.

when I finally get to that point where if you lay the baby down; they are startled so you keep on holding them

so, they will feel comforted --t to go back to sleep a little while longer. Such a peaceful moment

That kind of peace, in my mind peace in my spirit, is peace in my soul –

I desire and I have peace no matter what the situation…. I find myself to be content.

At the end of the day we all want Peace of some sort. No one wants to live in constant conflict;

no one wants to live in a constant adversarial stance;

no one wants to live in the middle of a war

whether the war is a physical conflict or an emotional conflict

How Can I Find PEACE?

Here are a few suggestions:

Give Yourself the Time and Grace to be Peaceful.

You may not experience Peace right away. Keep working on yourself

Love yourself enough not to give up.

Learn to trust yourself. “It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is. ...

Focus on what you're learning. - Discover What works to bring you into a peaceful State of Mind

Ease your expectations - Give yourself the Grace to know this is a Process.

Be open to the possibility of a Peaceful Existence

Open up to someone you trust - Sharing your Truth! (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

with someone you trust helps the healing process

Move TOWARDS something instead of AWAY. ...” I am moving towards living in Peace!”


As always in closing- if this blog has been encouraging to you –

send me an email or leave comments on the Website.

I love your feedback.

Blessings & Peace!! Pastor J

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